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  • Quickly Import Lists

    SlimList makes it easy for you to copy & paste your list items into the app. Perfect for copying recipe ingredients from your favorite website into your grocery list!

  • Multiple Lists

    Going to the grocery store, the home improvement store and the toy store? Let SlimList help you by keeping your lists separate and organized.

  • Create New Lists

    You can create as many new lists and list items as you need. SlimList is the perfect app for those that are on the go and love to stay organized.

  • Manage Your Lists

    Add, edit, reorganize and reprioritize your list and list items while you're on the go. Simply tap, type or drag and quickly manage your lists.

  • Share Lists

    Have a list you'd like to share? You can easily email or text your list to another person using your iPhone. That person can then import your list into their SlimList app!

  • Saved Lists

    SlimList will save all of your lists in a logbook. If you need to use a list again, simply move your list from the logbook into a new list. It's that simple.

  • "I love this simple app to organize my lists...especially love the paste feature and share feature!"

    Kellie J.

  • "I love this app's "copy + paste + create a list" feature. Now my wife can send me a list of todos in an email, and I can copy and paste into SlimList, and BAM! I've got a todo list, ready to go. Not to mention it handles all of the same regular todo list functions, I'd expect. Great job!"

    John E.

  • "Much better than my old way of making lists (notes). I actually walked through the store checking off the items as I picked them up. Good stuff."

    Eric W.

  • "I'm a list maker. Whether its a trip for groceries, to the hardware store or my daily to do list I like to write it down and check it off as I go. This app allows that and I don't have to sit there and backspace to erase something like in notepad. Much easier and cleaner. Add buying this app to your To Do list."

    Travis C.

  • "Simple and to the point. Everything needed right here. I like the fact that I can reordered my tasks and the lists within the tasks. I can simply check them off at the grocery store as I pick them up. Great for all kinds of lists and you can make notes for each item as well."


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